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“A healthy business is a collaboration of individuals with matching energies, directing that energy in to their individual passions towards a mutual goal.”

Business Coaching

Transform Your Business From Negativity to One With a Positive Purpose

In our experience, the vast majority of corporate change programmes are based on, and instigated because of, fear; fear of missing targets, fear of losing one’s job, fear of not progressing with one’s career, etc. They are, most often, implemented in one part of the business (tailored for sales, customer service, operations, etc.) but they lack staying power. 

We believe in a holistic approach. Bring change to the whole organisation, not for the purpose of fear, but for the desire to grow. Many people resist change, so make sure that the change you want has staying power lest you should lose face. If you change the “soul”, desires and priorities of a business and show the benefits, people will adapt their mindset to the new “thinking” and thus change how they do things in a desired direction. We are not so much interested in how change happens, but rather the sustainable results they produce. When the people in a business have bought in to the overall change of the business, the workplace and their own personal journey, they must be trusted to deliver the practical and operational changes required.

Our approach is very much aligned with the Japanese traditional concept of Ikigai. We apply this to the business as well as the teams and the individual. Ikigai is your professional “sweet spot” where you are fulfilled, appreciated, rewarded and contributing. Our journey is a process of discovery of these elements and we bring the tools to bring them to light. 


Business Coaching

I train managers, directors, workers, teams, etc. in how they have the individual power to affect their own reality, allowing for the collective exponential power of the group to literally erupt in to achieving all the business is meant to. 

Three key areas for sustainable change:

  • Business (goals, mission, attitude, contributions, etc.)
  • Workplace (office environment, employee relations, benefits, etc.)
  • Personal (interpersonal attitudes, dreams, challenges, motivation, etc.)

When things are not working you need to change, but understanding what has to change is the challenge.  As Albert Einstein said:

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

This is why we create a new platform from where we can solve your challenges, because you will see your opportunities from a new perspective. 

“Stress is borne out of fears. Fears are learned from our experiences in life. You carry with you the original negative emotion through your fears. Your choice is how you now decide to react to that fear.”


The quantitative goal model has served its purpose. More and more companies are now looking at Purposed Oriented Goals (POGs). These types of goals, strategic or tactical, make sense to every single person in a business, as well as all the stakeholders. As opposed to coming from a point of lack, they strive to inspire and motivate.

When we understand your passion and motivation, we can then work with you to translate these into the business’ mission and goal, which in turn can then be reflected in goals for different departments.  


Does your offices inspire creativity and drive? Do your personnel guidelines evoke a sense of common purpose? The workplace is where you all spend most of your time, and it isn’t just the physical place, but the environment in which you operate. We look at attitudes towards work, play, equality, community, health, wealth, fitness, etc.

Your business has both a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to help everybody become the best versions of themselves. However, you have to plant that seed in fertile soil for it to grow. 


When the soil is readied, we have to plant a healthy seed. We want to build on the interpersonal aspects that has brought your business this far, but work with your team to remove any bad habits they’ve acquired. We work with then to help them become accountable for their own choices and their own growth. We teach stress management by understanding the mechanics of it and how to remove the illusions that is the basis for stress. We help develop wellness programmes that allow your team members to perpetuate their own journeys towards their optimal  versions of themselves. 

Some fundamental tools we use is meditation and self-empowering techniques.