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“I am peaceful and calm long after the session ended.”

The meditation was so Amazing. Your voice and guidance brought us to a deep relaxed state. I felt so expanded and out of my sense… Read more ““I am peaceful and calm long after the session ended.””

Rajalakshmi Rajaram, India

“… has enabled me to let go of deep-rooted emotions …”

The  weekly meditation sessions have been fascinating and enlightening experiences for me, a welcome focus particularly during this period of lockdown. They have each taken me… Read more ““… has enabled me to let go of deep-rooted emotions …””

Mary, Oxford

“… meditation sessions with Christopher go far deeper … “

I have been regularly attending Christopher’s meditation sessions and find them excellent and really unique. I am trainee hypno-psychotherapist with a long-time fascination in philosophy,… Read more ““… meditation sessions with Christopher go far deeper … “”

Karol Kosinski, England

This Online Guided Meditation practice focuses on finding our stillness, developing everyday tools to deal with stress and learning how to breathe. The purpose is for group members to successfully build a regular meditation practice in the lives and to bring calm into every aspect of their lives. Guided Meditation

When: Every other Tuestday at 8 pm London time (GMT+1 Summer, GMT+0 Winter)

Using influences from traditional Buddhist, Yoga Nidra and more western mindful techniques, we are able to bring even beginners in to a deep state of meditation. It might take once or twice, but it is a powerful practice. We employ various methods of visualisations to place emphasis in different parts of our bodies to bring relaxation, but also to work on shifting our mindset. We welcome peace, calm and joy into our lives through these visualisations. Enjoy the journey

This service is set up as a donation service, so if you can, please donate to use the service. If you wish for it to be free, you simply leave the amount at “0” and you pay nothing at the checkout. Please proceed to “purchase” the service and you will receive the instructions how to access the online group. At this time we only have the service enabled for access it via the internet. to download the app go to Please wear headphones for your focus and comfort.

Photo by Keegan Houser on Unsplash


These live guided meditations are free to access, but if you have the means and find them useful, I really appreciate any donation as it helps me keep the operation going. Simply click an amount and follow the instructions to complete the donation (payments are processed by Stripe). The Zoom link is revealed after you either click to not donate or to after you have successfully donated (thank you).  

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Podcast Launching January 4, 2021
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