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Challenge Yourself to Become the Ultimate Version of YOU

“His coaching has had a profound impact on my life.”

Before I started working with Chris this past year, I was in a very dark place in my life. His coaching has had a profound… Read more ““His coaching has had a profound impact on my life.””

Halima Ferreira

“… highlighted areas where I can make significant improvements …”

I would highly recommend Chris and his approach to self development, quietening the mind and daily meditation techniques. He has helped me to deepen my… Read more ““… highlighted areas where I can make significant improvements …””


“… gave the whole team really good energy.”

Christopher was the acting manager in the Nimmersion office in Stockholm for four weeks in the summer of 2018. His holistic view of life and… Read more ““… gave the whole team really good energy.””

Lena Rekdal

Transformative Coaching

Any serious world class athlete would not consider for one moment going at it alone; there is always one or more coaches to help them. Why would any other human aiming to perform at his/her ultimate potential be any different? A coach is not necessarily there to improve your skills in your profession, but to help you identify and see your blind spots, dig deep to identify root causes for issues, be a confidant, have the tough talk, challenge you to evolve and progress, etc. 

I have a number of coaches that I work with from time to time to ensure that I perform at the top of my game. If I didn’t, I would inevitably end up stuck at some point, it sneaks up on you and when you realise your stuck you have an uphill battle. When you hear of athletes that have a comeback, their story always contains the part where a coach worked on his/her mind, energy and body. This is the story I want you to tell.

Life is the Sum of Experiences

Life is the sum of experiences and life success is the sum of lessons learned from those experiences. In my experience, looking outward from your own experience, but rather looking from every conceivable angle of the experience inwards towards yourself will bring you a perspective were you can learn and grow. To this end I have developed four points from which to approach any experience:

  • Compassion
  • Acceptance
  • Forgiveness
  • Gratitude

Show compassion towards yourself, others and the experience in itself. If you make it your nemesis you will not be able to understand it. You do not have to make it your friend, but if you show compassion you can understand the motivation and the source of the experience.

Accepting that we are all on our own paths and have different things to learn and experience is a step tat allows you to refrain from taking on energy that doesn’t belong to you. Accepting that you are where  you are supposed to be in life and that experiences are a gift could help you move towards calm and stillness.  

This is a big challenge for many, mainly because they think forgiveness is something you do for the person you are forgiving. Would it make any difference that the whole process of forgiveness is about releasing you from pain and needs no interaction from anyone else? Forgiveness is a step in the process to release yourself from the tether holding you to the emotional challenge of an experience. 

By showing gratitude to your experiences and life in general you can develop a “Gratitude Mindset”, which has been scientifically proven to make you happier. In relations to any given experience you show gratitude to the gift (lesson about yourself, not cynically about the world) that the experience brought you, and so you are grateful for the experience itself.


Which question that is, is up to you, but the important thing is that you are asking it. In order to transform, you must be prepared to question every perception you have of your reality. Throughout your life you’ve gained preconceptions from your family, community, society, etc. that do not necessarily belong to you. It is time to put it all under a microscope.  


We always try to practice what we preach; focus on your passion and the money will follow. Our passion is to help people transform and that is where our focus lies. Towards this end we have four spots on our client roster permanently set aside for those who do not have the means to pay for coaching, but are committed to change. Click below to submit your application.