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Personal Meditation Coaching

Meditation Coaching


Reduce anxiety, stress and depression. Improved emotional health, reduced tension, etc.

Meditation Coaching

Life Quality

Better sleep, ability to see different perspectives, self-awareness, etc.

Meditation Coaching


Compassion and EQ, improved cognition, creativity, intuition, decision making, etc.


“… has enabled me to let go of deep-rooted emotions …”

The  weekly meditation sessions have been fascinating and enlightening experiences for me, a welcome focus particularly during this period of lockdown. They have each taken me… Read more ““… has enabled me to let go of deep-rooted emotions …””

Mary, Oxford

“… meditation sessions with Christopher go far deeper … “

I have been regularly attending Christopher’s meditation sessions and find them excellent and really unique. I am trainee hypno-psychotherapist with a long-time fascination in philosophy,… Read more ““… meditation sessions with Christopher go far deeper … “”

Karol Kosinski, England

“I am peaceful and calm long after the session ended.”

The meditation was so Amazing. Your voice and guidance brought us to a deep relaxed state. I felt so expanded and out of my sense… Read more ““I am peaceful and calm long after the session ended.””

Rajalakshmi Rajaram, India

Meditation Basics

Most of us associate meditation with Buddhist monks sitting in lotus position chanting in Sanskrit. Little do we know that we all engage in meditative behaviours in our daily lives. Meditation can be categorised in four different ways:

  • Physical
    – physical exercise, house chores, creative activities, etc.
  • Mental
    – finding stillness through going within, relaxation exercises, etc. 
  • Spiritual
    – praying, chanting, fasting, seeking connection with your higher power, etc.
  • Ethereal 
    – visualisations, breathing exercises, energy work, grounding, etc.

Our regular practices should contain elements of each of these categories to remain in good health.

Meditation, in whichever form it may be, is aimed at allowing us to focus on the present moment and release our attachments to the past and the future. In other words it is about stilling your mind, giving complete attention to the moment you are in.

That is really all there is to it. However, there are as many methods to achieving this state as there are people. It takes dedication and practice to make full use of the benefits of Meditation, but every little effort you can muster will help. In my personal meditation coach I prioritise of quality over quantity. Sitting quietly for hours on end has it’s benefits, but if your thoughts are running unhindered, you are not going to get the optimal benefit. Having 10 minutes of stillness is far more beneficial than hours of chaotic quiet time. In difference to monks and nuns that spend much of their days in contemplation, we as householder practitioners cannot expect our minds to empty out completely. Our aim is to “befriend” our thoughts and learn how to manage them. Of course, some of us are going to achieve stillness, but we should not “beat” ourselves up if we don’t.

In the personal meditation coaching I focus on guiding you to your place of stillness and teach how to manage the stream of thoughts and spirals of negative trains of thought. I coach clients in all the categories I list above, but the foundation to practice is through mental meditation. Once you become proficient you will be able to access this place of stillness as you go about your daily life by simple subconscious triggers that you control.

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