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“… meditation sessions with Christopher go far deeper … “

I have been regularly attending Christopher’s meditation sessions and find them excellent and really unique. I am trainee hypno-psychotherapist with a long-time fascination in philosophy, psychology, and education, I have been practicing mindfulness meditation, yoga, walking meditation, self-hypnosis and have been using a range of guided meditation apps, nonetheless the meditation sessions with Christopher go far deeper than I originally expected. Christopher is a warm, kind and genuine individual, who creates a real sense of community. I am not attending these sessions for meditation only, I strive to hear about other people’s experiences and learn their stories and share mine with them, exchange feelings of growth, kindness, compassion and love. You can expect to find people from all different walks of live from all around the globe who just want to sit down, connect with others and embrace the moment, and that’s magical.   Christopher creates a warm and non-judgemental atmosphere that enhances personal growth. And even though I sometimes disagree with Christopher’s point of view, that’s usually a reflection on my gap of knowledge and sign that I need to find out more, which is an essential condition for growth. Christopher is open minded, great communication and truly passionate about his work, The Alchemy Experience offers a great service for beginners and more advanced meditators and those who want to follow the path of self-exploration.

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