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“Alchemy is the metaphor for personal transformation from an ego based existence to living from one’s own personal truth. Throughout this type of growth anyone would need support and tools to endure, as serious growth comes out of hardship.”

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Transformational Coaching

Stuck in a rut of a crappy pattern? Whether you are a business or an individual, doesn’t matter. We help you identify your blind spots and call you out on attitudes that do not serve you. It is all for the purpose of shifting your life towards joy and without negative attitudes and stress

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Meditation Coaching

Meditation is a starting point for many to find their stillness to discover who they really are. When we limit the noise in our minds we can listen for the advice coming from deep within. It is a practice you have to learn over time and, first an foremost, allow to come to you.

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Classes and Downloads

You will find a wealth of online classes and downloads here; guided meditations, yoga, etc. Some are FREE with an option to donate. We are expanding our offering all the time with a focus towards holistic wellness. 

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sensory perceptions


Along with our wellness practices of physical exercise, good diets, etc. educating ourselves and critically questioning our experiences are key to holistic living. We offer philosophical viewpoints that hopefully challenge your perceptions of your reality. 

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“…. instigator of most of our strategic development …”

I have known and worked with Christopher for over 20 years now – for the past 6 years he has acted as a senior consultant… Read more ““…. instigator of most of our strategic development …””

Stuart Radnofsky

“… has enabled me to let go of deep-rooted emotions …”

The  weekly meditation sessions have been fascinating and enlightening experiences for me, a welcome focus particularly during this period of lockdown. They have each taken me… Read more ““… has enabled me to let go of deep-rooted emotions …””

Mary, Oxford

“His coaching has had a profound impact on my life.”

Before I started working with Chris this past year, I was in a very dark place in my life. His coaching has had a profound… Read more ““His coaching has had a profound impact on my life.””

Halima Ferreira

“… highlighted areas where I can make significant improvements …”

I would highly recommend Chris and his approach to self development, quietening the mind and daily meditation techniques. He has helped me to deepen my… Read more ““… highlighted areas where I can make significant improvements …””


“I am peaceful and calm long after the session ended.”

The meditation was so Amazing. Your voice and guidance brought us to a deep relaxed state. I felt so expanded and out of my sense… Read more ““I am peaceful and calm long after the session ended.””

Rajalakshmi Rajaram, India

“… gave the whole team really good energy.”

Christopher was the acting manager in the Nimmersion office in Stockholm for four weeks in the summer of 2018. His holistic view of life and… Read more ““… gave the whole team really good energy.””

Lena Rekdal

“… meditation sessions with Christopher go far deeper … “

I have been regularly attending Christopher’s meditation sessions and find them excellent and really unique. I am trainee hypno-psychotherapist with a long-time fascination in philosophy,… Read more ““… meditation sessions with Christopher go far deeper … “”

Karol Kosinski, England

The Alchemy Experience

When we are ready, we all come to that point in life where we start asking questions. These questions are profound and relate to our choices in life. Whether you like it or not, your life’s journey is of your own creation based on the choices you make every second of every day; for better or worse.

I have observed businesses and individuals for the past 25 years and how the motivation behind their choices have brought them towards different trajectories. I have identified one main thread; fear based decisions lead to more fear and negativity and poor business decisions. The alternative is not so clear cut, it is many threads twinned into a strong rope. It is from this perspective that The Alchemy Experience came out of. Helping individuals and businesses form the threads of healthy positive attitudes so that they can shift their attitudes and transform their experiences; past, present and future ones.

We need find our life’s “sweet spot” and that takes some searching. Only the very brave will start asking questions leading inward towards self reflection. When we reach answers to our questions and achieve healing we put the pieces together for our life’s purpose; ikigai.

Life is the sum of experiences and life success is the sum of lessons learned. If your life is then a string of experiences, it is your approach and attitude to those experiences that determine the outcome that you take away from them. The key pillars in my approach to experiences are:

  • Compassion
  • Acceptance
  • Forgiveness 
  • Gratitude

Growth does not happen when you are in your comfort zone, you have to step out of it for it to happen. It takes bravery to go down that route, but coming out through the fire on the other side you will not believe that you allowed yourself to ever stay in your comfort zone.

Do you dare take the first step toward the rest of your life?






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