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“Alchemy is moving from an ego existence to realising your own consciousness and that, in fact, you are not your body, but your consciousness. It is the experience of that evolution that can be replicated in many aspects of your life, allowing you to heal.”


A Deeper Kind of Personal Coaching and Business Consulting

Whether you are an individual or a business, you want to be the optimal version of yourself. Your idea of this “optimal version” is where you start to look to determine the mettle of your being. That idea is usually a reflection of your experiences and expectations. It is when you impose a deeper ideal on the idea of an optimal version of yourself and forego imposed external expectations that you will find yourself at your crossroads and confusion sets in.

Fear is the primary propellant for most people engaged in a career or running a business, which is why stress related illnesses are the biggest causes of terminal conditions in the industrialised societies. At some point or another people wake up to the fact that is not desirable and want change but have no idea how to go about to enact change or drive change within their organisations. You find yourself at the crossroads.

You or your business need to go through a transformation, and it has to be sustainable. Our concept is to help you align your perception of your ideal with your thoughts, acts and communications. We challenge you to observe yourself or your business without judgement. We help you identify your blind spots and old habits that no longer serve you. Our objective is to help you move you from a platform of fear to one of passion. Once you operate out of passion, only opportunities and possibilities exist, and with that come the rewards. Whether that be material wealth, feeling good, or something else, doesn’t matter, it is the reward you desire the most.  

Below are some of the results from my clients being challenged in the right way:

  • Organic expansion achieving 100% growth in a niche market in 4 years
  • Moving from a local market foot print to national leader in their sector by eliminating unnecessary resources and focusing on their online presence
  • Moving forward with major reorganisation to prepare the business for sale
  • Identifying a key investor in a traditional service oriented sector reaching a valuation of 24 times profits 
  • Creative idea lead to my client buying a supplier. The investment was recuperated within 12 months with an additional profit to the company of 10% 
  • Not moving ahead with a strategy that would have meant more resources and less profit.

Do you dare take the first step toward the rest of your life?

return on investment


“…. instigator of most of our strategic development …”

I have known and worked with Christopher for over 20 years now – for the past 6 years he has acted as a senior consultant… Read more ““…. instigator of most of our strategic development …””

Stuart Radnofsky

“… highlighted areas where I can make significant improvements …”

I would highly recommend Chris and his approach to self development, quietening the mind and daily meditation techniques. He has helped me to deepen my… Read more ““… highlighted areas where I can make significant improvements …””


“His coaching has had a profound impact on my life.”

Before I started working with Chris this past year, I was in a very dark place in my life. His coaching has had a profound… Read more ““His coaching has had a profound impact on my life.””

Halima Ferreira

Who's Our Typical Client and What Do We Offer

Profile & Process

Typical business client profile: Entrepreneur or other type of business leader who have been established in their current business for at least 5 years. 
Typical coaching client: Anyone really, but the common starting point is someone who’s committed themselves to change.

We stay involved as long as it takes, but the first month or so will be more intensive and then we will ease off to allow you to get on with the change and new direction. 


Business intuition is a little explored concept in the very “physical” world of business (here is an interesting study of the subject from the University of New Wales: LINK) . All great business leaders have it, yet business coaches tend to stay away from it and will only talk about habits of a great business person. Habits mean nothing if you cannot tap into your inner intuition to know what is the best move for your business and how it will affect it years from now. 


You don’t know why nor what, but something is not sitting right. It is when we are the most uncomfortable that we are the most ripe and ready for change. We guide our clients on their journey by challenging them, helping them see their blind spots and holding them accountable to the process. This change takes bravery, so make sure you are ready for it, because once you commit you have to see it through.

Meditation Coaching

Meditation has been proven to bring a multitude of benefits to our lives. The fundamental change that happens is that you train yourself to still your mind to give way to calm and pure thoughts. Our unique guided meditation bring even absolute beginners down to a deep level of meditation the very first time. We make extensive use of visualisations and breathing to allow you to, with a little training, easily bring the experience into your every day life. We run classes and individual coaching sessions both online and in the ‘real world’.


It is my obligation to challenge you! Change can be uncomfortable, but I will coach you through it and make you thrive outside your comfort zone. You will have to leave "stuff" behind to prepare space for what's new.


One unique ability I bring to my consulting work is that I assess groups and individuals energy. We all do this subconsciously, but I actively read energy. It allows us to discover the underlying and hidden values and challenges.



We will together assess the business in every area; management accounts, HR, group dynamics, systems, databases, management, employee & manager relations, etc. They all have an impact on the flow of your business.


I hold you accountable for driving the change that is necessary. We have agreed on the change and you will follow it through. Most entrepreneurs find this step the most difficult, which is why accountability is important in change.


A key tool I bring with me is meditation. I usually coach all staff and managers in meditation. This is where you will get your mind to shut up so that you can think clearly. You won't believe how things flow when you let go.


Change never ends, but once we get you back on track you will be able to work towards new goals with a reinvigorated enthusiasm and clarity. You will have my full report as we conclude our work together for this time.

Introducing Christopher Lembke

Since my first stock market investment at the age of 12 I have been a super entrepreneur. However, as an employee I cut my teeth as an account executive in New York City. Within three years I was in charge of $30M in sales and 8 staff. Coming back to Europe I focused on the stock market as a day trader until I “saw” where the market was heading and cashed out in April of 2007. In September that same year we moved from Spain to Sweden where I bought half the shares in a boutique corporate letting agency. During the next four and a half years we moved the company from bricks and mortar agency to the first one, in Sweden, with a true digital presence. Within 5 years it was fighting for the top spot nationally.  

Since 2012 I have been a fully independent consultant with change management and business coaching as my focuses. 

My current continuous business involvements as a consultant and adviser are as Director of Operations for Project 100 Ltd. (UK) and Member of the Board of Directors of Residensportalen AB (Sweden). I also work with a number of private clients on transformational coaching and run meditation clinics in Oxfordshire, England.

Contact Details

Christopher Lembke
Tel: +44 1993 222 221
Mob: +44 7583 198 683