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“Leadership is about guiding others to be the optimal verison of themselves.”

Are you finding yourself bogged down with control tasks of management without time to lead your business into success for all stakeholders?

Discover leadership in the new paradigm to create sustainable growth for you as a leader as well as your business’ stakeholders


Many managers see themselves as leading their teams to success by giving them tasks that achieve the goals. This approach is not sustainable as the subordinates will soon lose interest in the purpose of making the manager look good. In fact, the manager is there to make his/her subordinates look good. Leadership is about being accountable for the health, wellbeing and success of those we lead.


Nicholas Janni, in his book "Leader as Healer", talks about shifting the perspective of the manager as a control function towards a helping people in the organisation. In order to build up the empathy and compassion that one needs to seek to become one's own optimal self and show up as a role model for the ones that one leads.


As businesses shift into the new paradigm, leaders help their teams navigate through change. Even better, excellent leaders are, with their teams, the change makers. Leaders must also be responsible for driving change to support a higher purpose to create a meaningful environment for all stakeholders.

Change Starts With You

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world”, which is to say that if we want things to change around us, we first have to create the matching environment within ourselves. And it’s not just about you, everybody is responsible to showing up as the best version of themselves. 

As a leader, you are in a unique position to inspire others that otherwise mightn’t have been ready to change. These changes will help your business optimise its impact on all stakeholders, not just investors. 


A purpose beyond profits

By establishing a deeper and bigger purpose based on values not profits, we can unite all stakeholders under one umbrella. With the shifting energy in the new generations coming up demanding that there is a greater sense of purpose in their work, the old paradigm of business only purpose is to make money is now withering away. 

You are the inspiration

Great leaders inspire, and you can be a great inspirer. Inspiration is about bringing the best out in people and allowing that energy to drive the business towards its purpose. To inspire, you have to feel inspired and passionate. 

The more we heal the brighter we “shine” and others notice it. Healing is about you filling your cup and developing strong boundaries to contain your energy. When your cup is full it will overflow and fill the cups of those around you. With your new found clarity, you will also bring that deep inspiration to your team.   

Conscious Business Management

The generations that are becoming the majority of our workforce at the moment seek out careers with greater purpose than just making money for owners of businesses. This is the new paradigm that we are shifting into. 

Here you will find a selection of articles on our perspective on this new paradigm and how we can help businesses adjust and shift to create sustainable success in the new reality.