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Personal Career Coaching

career coaching


Finding the sweet spot between; passion, marketability, commercial viability and skills. When we find it, you won't work another day in your life.


Let's set a huge life time goal! Life's an adventure and you need to keep yourself excited. But we have to prepare and plan for that journey.

career coaching


From Vishen Lakhiani; "Bullshit Rules". What rules do you adhere to that you disagree with? You may need to plant some new beliefs about society.

career coaching


Nope, we're not talking self-employed here. Entrepreneurship is a mindset with personality traits. To succeed you have to be an entrepreneur.

career coaching


For us to have a career that flows we need to rid ourselves of our mental blockages. You may hold false beliefs about yourself, e.g. I am not good enough.

career coaching


Your CV and your cover letter has to reflect who you are and what you have to offer, especially after we've set you up with a whole new tool box.

Out of most things in life, our careers is the one aspect that we feel we got wrong more than any other. More often than not, we settle into a comfort zone and then we want to bail when we feel it is too late. However, always remember; it is NEVER too late. Most successful (as perceived by society) business leaders have had many varying careers and have failed over and over again, so why can’t you? If you are at the beginning or about to start your professional career; congratulations. You are going to be a ahead of the game having worked through the kinks with career coaching before they manifest as problems in your life.

We help you thoroughly work through your “Ikigai”, see the image to the right. In essence we work through what you are good at, what you are likely to be able to earn a living from, what is in demand and what your true passion is and the convergence of those four is your “Ikigai”. You can very well be surprised with the findings. The difficult part is then to find the bravery to follow a, potentially, new path in life.

In our career coaching programme we focus on the aspects of your life that affect your career. However, two of the main goals are to:

  • Shift your mindset towards success
  • Create life work balance

Everything in life is intertwined so irrespective of what part of life you are trying to address, they will be revisited in other parts. Don’t be surprised if you at this point find that your idea of a career was a construct of your “brules” and not of your innate desires. You may very well find yourself changing trajectory.

At this stage, once we’ve prepared the soil and planted new seeds of beliefs, we move on to devising a new strategy and documents. Through the strategy we will work on building you up as an entrepreneur in your work persona. An entrepreneur is defined by his or her drive, motivation, ability to energetically charge others, ability to deal with setbacks, persistence, etc. When you are in your Ikigai, these qualities come natural, but they may need to be awakened within you. Realise the passion and power you hold within.