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Dealing with the Post Covid 19 World as...

We are all facing an abyss of uncertainty. However, we do have one certainty; things will never be the same. The old “normal” is gone. The beauty of uncertainty is that we have a stronger sense of that our choices will determine the outcome. Our choices always do determine the outcome, but we have a tendency to forget this as we focus on our external challenges from our emotional perspectives. 

This period will leave an imprint on every single one of us, and those who ignore that, trying to go back to “the way things were”, are going to be in for a rude awakening. We have all had new experiences; e.g. supporting our communities, working in highly pressurised situations, working from home, spending an extraordinary time with the people we live with or being solitary, etc. We are all going to have mental challenges that have come up and experiences that are causing us to reevaluate how we’ve lived our lives and what is truly important. You might question many of your previous choices in life; perhaps even getting angry with yourself for having kept yourself in the dark for so long. One of the beauties of going through that process is that you are going to experience how extraordinary and unique you are and with what you have to offer the world. 

... a Business

Exponential Organisation

Businesses are chomping at the bit to get back up and running and with reason. 

However, far too many are assuming that it is going to be revving back up from where they shut down. Apart from all the government advice and ordinances regarding Covid 19 that businesses will have to implement and adhere to, they are welcoming back a workforce that is going to have gone through many changes. The businesses that do not recognise this and resist the change that will surely be upon them will be caught out. There are also economic realities to consider as it will take some time for the global economies to recover. 

Opportunities often come disguised as challenges, this one is no different. While reviewing and reevaluating your relationship with your employees, businesses now also have an opportunity to vastly improve the efficiencies and take stock of their assets (mission critical and tactical assets). For smaller teams and smaller businesses, the best way to do this is to take a big sheet of paper and start solving the challenges from the future; what do you want your business to become? Larger organisations and institutions have different setups where the immune response would kick in to high gear if you attempted such radical changes. In those situations we would move more cautiously and assess where the priorities lie and how far we can stretch any changes. 

The image above is a starting point for use to determine where in a business the most focus has to be, but also to how a business is integrating the IDEAS and  SCALE to serve the MTP, if there indeed has been a Massive Transformative Purpose established. This is the model that will allow you to protect yourself from disruption or become a disruptor yourself.

Our ultimate goal is always to leave you with a business that, as long as you stick with the plan, organically grows and thrives because it is now purpose driven and it has changed from a business employing people to a group of people with matching passions striving towards the same purpose. 

... an Individual

We should be so lucky to live in interesting times, right? However, we should always be cautious what we wish for. Living in these times is interesting, and knowing that we will all come out of this pandemic differently will allow us to level a more compassionate attitude to our fellow humans. Much of that difference is going to be based on our mindsets. Are you going to come out of it as a victim or will you decide to grow from your experience? Most often when we are faced with challenging times, chaos ensues in our minds. There is so much going on that we get utterly overwhelmed and cannot think straight. We tailspin into anxiety and/or depression because we simply cannot handle it. Covid 19 will certainly test your fortitude to its utmost limits.

Yes, if you are trained in mindfulness and know how to deal with the chaos, you are likely to deal with this period with less drama. Though, we have seen plenty of people that thought they had dealt with their stuff get sucked down the rabbit hole by Covid 19 and the lock downs. The good news is that it is never too late to get started. Once you shift your mindset, the past becomes irrelevant for your “now” and your future. Covid 19

In our Covid 19 Mindshift programme we help you look at the challenges you face and then help you maximise you potential to move forward. Keep in mind that this is not therapy and we do not hold qualifications as such. However, we often see that when you maximise your potential and you start seeing light at the end of the tunnel, your passion and spark could come back helping you deal with any burden you are challenged by. If we feel that you could use therapy as well, we will tell you so, which will be a result in itself for you as you now have direction.

Our programme can help you build boundaries to understand what you have gained in terms of experiences and insights from this period. It can empower you to move forward in a direction that is your optimal path as opposed to going back to same old rut. 

The starting point for any of our clients is to learn how to breathe and become mindful. The easiest way to do this is through meditation. Don’t worry, you won’t need to become a Buddhist monk or nun to practice meditation. Also if you’ve tried and haven’t been able to get into it, we have techniques that all but guarantee that you will be able to build a practice over time. 


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