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Emergency Grounding Technique

Grounding is a necessity for us to feel present in and in flow with our life. Without it we feel lost, without connection and belonging. Use this short guided emergency grounding technique often to ground yourself.


Before trying out this emergency grounding technique, you will benefit from practising the mindful breathing technique in the instructional audio you can download for free via this link:

Grounding is an essential practice when we find ourselves in a “fight-or-flight” situation. However, it is something we need to practice to effectively use. There are many ways to keep yourself grounded on a daily basis; spend time in nature, gardening, doing chores, exercising, spending time in or near water, etc. We can also practice using visualisations, which this grounding meditation will guide you through. As you practice this very simple visualisation you will be able to ground yourself in a split second when you need to in a challenging situation. This is just one tool for you to use and should not be construed as medical advice or replace the advice of your therapist or doctor.

Don’t forget to download the audio file after you check out. You will get an email with the download link as well.

Enjoy this grounding meditation technique and practice it often.

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

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