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Meditation Coaching


Meditation has many benefits to the mind and your life experiences as proven by science. Our personal meditation coaching allows you to experience and connect with the depths of meditation as well as gaining tools to help you in your own meditation practice and your daily life. If you want to first try our practice, please go and try out one of our guided meditation downloads at Our one-on-one coaching is tailored to your circumstances and your needs. All our coaches are seasoned meditators with a drive to share their wisdom and experiences with you.


“… has enabled me to let go of deep-rooted emotions …”

The  weekly meditation sessions have been fascinating and enlightening experiences for me, a welcome focus particularly during this period of lockdown. They have each taken me… Read more ““… has enabled me to let go of deep-rooted emotions …””

Mary, Oxford

“I am peaceful and calm long after the session ended.”

The meditation was so Amazing. Your voice and guidance brought us to a deep relaxed state. I felt so expanded and out of my sense… Read more ““I am peaceful and calm long after the session ended.””

Rajalakshmi Rajaram, India

“… meditation sessions with Christopher go far deeper … “

I have been regularly attending Christopher’s meditation sessions and find them excellent and really unique. I am trainee hypno-psychotherapist with a long-time fascination in philosophy,… Read more ““… meditation sessions with Christopher go far deeper … “”

Karol Kosinski, England

Unfortunately, in our fast paced lives, we have forgotten to still ourselves and we need to relearn this skill. The complete chaos of impressions that we take in on a daily basis requires us to exercise mental hygiene through some form of meditation. We can't be expected to completely still our minds, but we can become masters of it and masters of our thoughts. In this personal meditation coaching you will learn how to move into deep states of meditation and how to manage your thoughts in the process. You will learn about your "energy body" in a very tangible way and how use this energy to your benefit. We work through tools and techniques that you can quickly access in your everyday life when you are at work, in social settings, with your partner, kids, etc. to move yourself into stillness and a state of compassion to fully manage your experiences in life.

We work with all levels of experiences, beginners to seasoned practitioners, we have something to offer everybody. Since, in meditation, you move in to altered states of mind, it is important to let us know if you suspect or have been diagnosed with any mental disorder that could be triggered by visualisations of alternative realities or if you are currently taking strong psycho pharmaceuticals. Also, please consult your healthcare provider before joining our personal meditation coaching programme.

Once you have made your booking, we will contact you to schedule your first appointment.


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