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Business Round Table Discussions

With the very rapidly changing business climate due to a number of external factors, Business Round Tableuncertainty is becoming more and more prevalent. Previous generations have of course also dealt with changes and uncertainty, but of a different kind and at a different rate. We are seeing evolving forces towards new governing structures and attitudes towards society and their roles in our personal lives. Businesses are collaborations of people and will have to change with these times as well. Unfortunately we talking about pretty deep and thorough changes, but they will be for the future good of the business and the communities where they operate. 

Our business round table discussions will vary based on the desires of the group. However, most sessions will start with 10 minute presentation from us based on current challenges and ideas. We could discuss topics such as:

  • Specific business challenges
  • Employees/HR
  • Strategy
  • Organisation
  • Sustainability
  • Sales and operations

You likely hold a leadership role in business or are self-employed. These sessions are free and hosted by The Alchemy Experience. Please see the registration form below.