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The Infinity Life - Raise Your Frequency

The wait is over! It’s finally here! 

Have you ever heard of Core Wounds? Here is a new international program that addresses your Core Wound, unmet needs, teaches you how to clear them, and your energetic blockages and gives you lots of support within a cohort to clear them as often as needed during a two month course.

After the two month course, there is the option to become a facilitator yourself to continue to be of service to the planet and allow as many people as possible to be cleared of these damaging original conditionings. To maintain the power of the community, facilitators train cohorts within The Infinity Life network. This way we all help to train new cohorts and can rely on the power of the network to attract new trainees. The Infinity Life does not offer any employment or guarantees of revenues, but we work together towards the same goal and enjoy the power of the high frequency collective consciousness of the community. The Infinity Life also charges an administration fee to support marketing of the concept, managing the network, etc. 

We want as many people as possible to take advantage of the course and to become the best versions of themselves and being able to pass it forward. This is the reason why we have chose to keep the fee per person low, more than 80% less than the going rate of other similar programmes. This allows us the opportunity to be of service to the planet on a large scale. We’re so excited to bring four extraordinary individuals from around the globe from Sweden, Finland, UK, and the USA for these first cohorts to get the process started to elevate the frequency of humanity. Thank you for choosing to be the solution. This quiz is a good starting point to check your own core wounds, the company and web page behind the link below is unaffiliated to The Alchemy Experience and The Infinity Life.

The course

Course fee (including pre-course clearing): £600

  1. The course starts with a session to help clear your own energy and core wounds.
  2. We then proceed to our first group session (maximum of 12 trainees per cohort).
  3. The following weeks you will use the skills you now have and practice with your fellow trainees.
  4. You will be invited to a Telegram group where you interact with all the trainees.
  5. Your facilitator will check in with you weekly and make sure you are able to work your process and to check your frequency.
  6. Half way through there will be another group session for your cohort to come together and check the frequency of the group and to discuss your process and learn from how others have done theirs.
  7. Practices continue in pairs with your cohort.
  8. Week 8 is graduation with a group session and Q&A.

Any questions? Please send an email to We can’t wait to see you and share this amazing program and opportunity with you!