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BizShui – Organise Your Business For Energetic Flow

“The BizShui Method helps create better flow in hom offices and work spaces by integrating a blend of proven traditional Feng Shui principles with modern business and personal needs, reducing physical and emotional stresses to increase productivity, loyalty and profitability.” – Clair Boscq

The application and the practices of Feng Shui are fascinating. We move into some of the principles of it in this episode, but the key in this episode is for you to connect with the energetic flow in your work environment. We are able to help some of our audience members to address some of their challenges with working from home, or, as in one case, being relegated to a closet with no windows as her office space. What to do?

As with any energy balancing system there are tools to perceive the energy using external concepts, as for example in Feng Shui we perceive the quality of energy as; water, wood, fire, earth or metal. These are useful concepts for us to discover the imbalances in our own environments and how to remedy them. In the discussion Claire gives some practical advice to use these tools.

This discussion will challenge you to look at the spaces you live and work in from different perspectives.

About Clair Boscq

Originally from France, she has lived in Jersey, Channel Islands, since 2000, but is now in the process or relocating to Dubai.

Her mission is to inspire global businesses to thrive by delivering exceptional customer experiences in bring more care into what they do; enhancing their environments, measuring and improving employees’ performances to drive customer loyal, ultimately growth and prosperity. 

She is a Keynote Speaker and Consultant, and love sharing with organisations and individuals my new BizShui™ Method; creating better flow in home-offices and work places by integrating a blend of the traditional Feng Shui principles with modern business & personal needs, reducing physical and emotional stresses to increase productivity, loyalty and prosperity.

She is the Author of three books; Thrive with the Hive published in 2016 and recently launched in 2018 Thriving by Caring, with its Audible version and its French version Prospérer en étant attentionné. And No 1 Amazon Customer Service Best Seller, The Secret Diary of a Mystery Shopper, true Customer Service Stories through the eyes of a secret shopper.

She launched her new book: Bizshui, 9 Keys to Feng Shui your Business for success in February 2022.

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