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Bringing Energy to Old Paradigm Businesses

“Power in organisations is seen as a scarce commodity worth fighting for.” – Frederic Laloux, “Reinventing Organizations”

“Shop floor operators craft the products; the CEO and staff at best serve to support them, at worst are costly distractions” Extract from the list of “assumptions” from FAVI S.A. as part of their self-management structure, taken from “Reinventing Organizations” by Frederic Laloux

As humanity is exponentially waking up to the multidimensionally of us individually as well as collectively, we seek authenticity in our internal as well as external experiences. Our workplaces are no different and as cliques of collective consciousness, change is inevitable, as it has been for eternity. Businesses that do not acknowledge this change will whither and disappear as others with authentic purposes take their place.

In this process of shifting from an old and outdated paradigm to a new evolved one there will be challenges, the main one is for businesses to wake up the reality of the new disruption that will leave none unaffected.

In our discussion we address what we can do as business coaches and consultants to address and help businesses ready to take the leap. How can we best help? With us in this discussion we have Lucy Spencer to share her journey and experiences in this field.

About Lucy Spencer

Lucy is a conscious business consultant guiding small businesses to operate in a more authentic manner. A combination of conscious business practices and energetic tools are integrated into business systems and culture to raise the energy of the business and so enable them to achieve their purpose more effectively.

She has been working with small businesses and start-ups for the last 5 years, implementing conscious business practices in every part of the business. In 2020, Lucy founded Conscious Business Solutions to offer a more in-depth conscious approach to small businesses and have been developing the solution ever since.


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