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Carte Blanche: Visioning

In this epispode Barbie Layton and I discuss “Visioning”. Visioning is different from visualisation in the way that you tell the story and the energy you build up to fuel the manifestation. With visualisation techniques, the visuals are the focus, whereas with visioning the visuals are a means to an end. They are used to build up a story that excites you and evokes the embodied feelings that you desire when you have the experiences that you visualise. It is important in visioning to use your language, body and speach to build up the excitement. The excitement is used as booster for the embodied feeling. You start where you feel comfortable and then build it up from there, i.e. you start the story where you can believe it.

In visualisations you hold the visuals, but in visioning you detach from the visuals when you have evoked the feeling so that you don’t end up attaching to the visualised future. Visioning also allows for the story to evolve as you combine your intuition and imagination to build up the visioning, further amplifying the excitement and boosting the embodied feeling.

Visioning helps to alleviate the tendency to worry about how to acheive your dream and preventing to attach to the end results, both of which will have counterproductive results for the manifestation.

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