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Connecting Emotionally With A Business Purpose

“The first thing that you can learn as a leader is that you are not working with robots but with emotional beings.” – Pooja Agnihotre, “17 Reasons Why Businesses Fail : Unscrew Yourself from Business Failure”

What is it that makes us connect emotionally with a business? There are certain conditions that have to be met in order for that to happen. I think we can all agree that the owners making as much money as possible limits the number of people that can emotionally connect with that purpose. Despite this fact, businesses today continue focusing on profits and shareholder value. It is very fashionable to “colour-wash” your business and think that is enough, but is it really enough, or does it require something else?

In our discussion today Joe Sejean brings us on a journey of this expertise in helping staff connect emotionally with internal and external clients and teaching them how to convey the emotional purpose of a business to stakeholders.

About Joe Sejean:

Joe is the founder of Eleven – The People Engagement Network, based in the UAE. He comes with 14 years in the GCC and is an expert in Retail (Operations and Management), Luxury, Omnichannel, Digital Adoption, Customer and Employee Engagement.

In Joe’s own word: “Working with people is where I found I had the biggest added value. If your Employees, Customers and Audience authentically and passionately engage with you, NOTHING can stop you. I have founded a Network of carefully selected companies and professionals who are so good at what they do that we create synergies type 1+1=11. We are obsessed with the impact our work has with the way human beings interact and thrive. My 3 quests to transform the way we do business are: more Humanity, more Meaning, more Emotions.”

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