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Consciousness Experienced – With Luigi Sciambarella from The Monroe Institute

“Who am I?”, is most probably the question people ask themselves once they have an out-of-body experience (OBE). Imagine, you are fully awake, laying in your bed, eyes closed, and suddenly you feel your whole body vibrating like a train is rocking through your room. You find yourself more curious than afraid, but just as suddenly as they began the vibrations are gone, but now you are “standing” on the floor next to your bed looking down on your body. This reality appears more real to you than the on you experience while in your body, how is this possible? It is real and it has been going on for, at least, as long as we have recorded history. Psychology and scientists have attempted to explain it as physical phenomena, but it is unlikely that those people actually experienced it, or anything that wasn’t available to them in their external world. Like many other things that science can’t explain in the metaphysical field, these are experiences that people have to have for themselves and the individual becomes the scientific evidence for themselves.

In this episode Luigi Sciambarella and I are discussing consciousness, the philosophies, the science, what happens when you direct it and much more. If you are intrigued by this subject and hope to have your own experiences, please check out the contact details below for Luigi and the Monroe Institute.

About Luigi:

Luigi Sciambarella is a Monroe Institute trainer in the UK and a hypno-psychotherapist. Since 2010, Luigi has been teaching and giving talks on meditation, lucid dreaming and personal development around the world to thousands of people who are interested in exploring the many different facets of mind (conscious, unconscious and everything in-between). This has led Luigi to develop a deep understanding of the waking, dreaming and sleeping mind and the phenomena of lucid dreaming, out of body experiences, sleep paralysis, insomnia and the various parasomnias that can disturb a good night’s sleep.

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