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Core Wounding on You Are Amazing TV

From a child’s point of view, it doesn’t matter how consciously aware a parent is, there is always going to be trauma and core wounding appearing as we go through childhood. Children grow up in an an adult world, which is an entirely unknown dimension as far as the child’s mind is concerned. As unique individuals we are always going to, at some level, feel like we don’t fit in or that we have to work hard to be “normal”. Often times we grow up and look back with comparative eyes thinking “I have nothing to complain about my childhood, it was good”. However, we retrospect with our now adult eyes and compare our lives to others, while the wounding experienced by the child version of ourselves does not have that luxury and the trauma is experienced as a unique occurrence.

We all have our core wounds to work on, some more and some less, but it is there, not to be ignored. Some of us have the fortune to realise this as we grow older and we address our core wounds and seek to heal them. Our discussion in this episode is centered around recognising, assessing and healing our core wounds.

This episode is simulcast on the “You Are Amazing TV” channel hosted by “The Best you TV”. You will find it on, Roku, AppleTV, Google Play, Amazon Fire Stick and The Best You TV App (Android and Apple)

On You Are Amazing TV you will find other episodes like this one as well as wonderful and inspiring stories from real people creating real change for themselves and humanity as a whole.

The pane guests this time are:

Barbie Layton: Speaker, healer, psychic and teacher extraordinaire, as well as owner and hostess of the “You Are Amazing TV” channel on The Best You TV.

Glenn Evans: Currently transitioning from a very successful career in the engineering trades to helping men work through their traumas and challenges.

Karol Kosinski: hypnotherapist, coach, instructional designer, academic developer and meditation teacher.

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