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Fearless Entrepreneurship with Shaahin Cheyene

Nothing motivates you to move forward in life as when you have lost everything. However, once you taken yourself out of the swamp, you can with the right mindset, you can also move through life without fear of having nothing, because you know you got out of it once before, and you can do it again. Shaahin Cheyene epitomises the journey “from rags to riches”. From making himself homeless at the age of 15 to putting drug barons out of business on the rave scene with his legal Herbal Ecstacy pill, to inventing the Vapir Vaporizer, to now teaching people Amazon Mastery.

Our discussion spans the psychology of motivation and drive, origin of personal fear, perfection paralysis, definition of success, Vikings (no not the NFL team, the real Scandinavian ones) and much more. Check out the links to Shaahin’s various projects below and don’t forget to buy his book, “Billion – How I Became The King of The Thrill Pill Cult”. Shaahin is a master story teller, so you won’t be disappointed.

All our listeners also get a special free gift from Shaahin, a free introductory course in to Amazon Mastery (value $200 (not exchangeable or transferrable)). Just send him an email with the subject “Alchemy” and he’ll send back instructions how to access the course. He promises there won’t be any need to give up any card details or similar.

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