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Finding Resilience and Purpose After Trauma

Jason Holzer, The Author Of His Brilliant Book “Shattered By Suicide, Renewed By Resilience”, lost his father when he was 17 years old. The first half of the book will grip you and have you bawling your eyes out. Here Jason shares the aftermath, seen through the eyes of his 17 year old self, of his father’s demise, by suicide. It is raw and authentic. Jason shows up with vulnerability that pulls you in to his plight and allows you to fully hold space and empathise with him. Bring your box of tissues.

Link to the book on Amazon:

The second half is a courageous story of a “comeback kid” and how Jason, through his support network and his own resilience works his way through his pain, anger and confusion. It give you hope and faith in that even in the darkest of hours, we can find hope. The feeling reminded me of the feeling I had when I read Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning”. It is an uplifting feeling of hope that fills your chest and manifests in tears of joy. 

Jason shares his recipe for overcoming tragedies in life and they are all shared and described from a very grounded perspective; easy to understand and with easy access for anyone at any level of their own self development. 

In our discussion we go through some lessons that aren’t included in the book and how we are constantly evolving into new and more optimal versions of ourselves. We also dive into Jason’s passion of working through sports coaching (4D Athletes) to help kids and parents alike to work on their mental health through lessons that sport brings them.

This is a powerful discussion about suicide prevention that is raw and vulnerable; what can you do to start discussions with your friends and family?

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