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Now, And No Buts

Being in the present moment and practicing non-resistance is a complex practice. When we look at life and all the paradoxes that exist, being present is only one of many, that are all interlaced, it gets very complicated from that perspective.

In my practice I have found that boiling everything down to their bare essentials is helpful. When you are in a meditative state and have quieted your mind, you find yourself very much in the present moment; time and space all but dissolve. As long as you perpetuate your stories and the values of your present moments on your past and future experiences, you are unable to live in the present moment. The solution is then to make peace with your past and future and be content in your present moment.

A little tip for the wakened state, if you feel that you aren’t in present; take an organic material, like a piece of fruit or veggie or a plant, study it carefully using all your senses and you will soon find yourself in your present moment.

The challenge is of course, from the “normal” perception, to be present and content, while having dreams and desires and to manifest them. The beauty is that when you are truly present you find yourself in flow and the paradox of wanting while being fully content makes perfect sense. It is a practice.

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