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Paradigm Shift – The Transition

“Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome.” – Isaak Asimov

Transition between paradigms is, in my experience, akin to near death experiences. From one day to the next you shed your identity and you have to figure out who and what you are, that is the transition.

We all approach transition and a variety of different ways, some seek out coping mechanisms, others turn inwards, some may seek out religion, causes or something else that brings meaning. It is really a process or discovering one’s own authenticity and learning about oneself in the reality construct we find ourselves in. In this episode we are joined by Scott Gazzoli from New York, and he is really from New York. He brings that beautiful exuberance and energy that New Yorkers have, which adds that little extra to his story telling. Scott is in this paradigm transition and is happy to share his experiences and advice from his journey.

Scott Gazzoli is the host of Causing The Effect. Scott has always had the urge to help others and believes his podcast can transform people’s perspectives and limits. Scott lives, works and podcasts from Brooklyn, New York and is available for speaking engagements.

Scott is a Managing Director with the Quest Organization, a boutique advisory firm that caters to the needs of High Net Worth Individuals and Families. Scott prides himself on his ability to create solutions and build relationships with his clients. Scott is also a comedian by night!

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