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Pivot Within Your Passion to Find Your True Passion – Halima Ferreira

Halima Ferreira was born in Africa and went to culinary school in South Africa. She calls the UK home and a base for now. She started her career working on cruise ships before starting to work more as a private chef. She has built up a very strong demand on her services among the super wealthy and royalty around the world.

To an outsider the idea of working in exotic locations in beautiful palaces and being jetted around in private jet planes, and who could blame us. However, the pressures and levels of stress are immense and they are constant.

Halima found herself struggling with her health, with some very critical culminations, but as with so many others, doctors did not have the answers that resonated with her. Her relationship with food lead her intuitively to look at her diet as the first root of her problems. This took her on a journey of discover of food as medicine.

Halima, today, is developing concepts to teach people about food as medicine, teaching and coaching others to balance their diets as a lifestyle rather than intermittent harsh dieting. She runs bespoke online workshops/cook along, she develops recipes, setting up meal box deliveries, and anything else that will help spread her teachings about how we can relate to food in a healthy way and use food as a catalyst for healing.

Halima’s website is where you can reach her to find out more about how she can help you.

Neither Halima or I, Christopher, are medical professionals, so please do not construe any of the material in this podcast as being medical advice. Always consult your healthcare professional for advice relating to your health.

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