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What will it take for you to start living your purpose?

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” – Friedrich Nietzsche 

Our purpose in life is not immediately revealed to us. We may be fed bits and pieces as we go along, but those pieces feel like our purpose in that moment we are pursuing it. However, most of us have our purpose firmly shielded from our conscious purview until we awaken to it. Awakening from our slumber of conditioning and living a “good” life. We go through life feeling “this is it, this is what it is meant to be, so just accept it”, but that is the cop out. We hide in the shadow of our smallness because we are fearful of the unknown challenge that is taking us away from the “comfort” of what we know, even though we strongly suspect that the unknown holds something that is far more fulfilling and purposeful.

Some do push through and demand to have their purpose revealed to them. This pursuit is often preceded by an awakening of some sort, a shift in mindset and focus if you so prefer. Something in our external experience stirs something within so deeply that we cannot ignore it and must pursue it. This could be hitting rock bottom, realising some wrongdoing that is the straw that breaks the camel’s back, or something else. It is enough for us to realise that we need to change our lives drastically in the direction of our purpose. The big questions face us and we want answers. What is my purpose, is usually one of these questions.

As we start moving through the fog, picking up pieces what is eventually to become the sum of our life’s purpose. Easing the fog revealing the pieces we do through working on our core wounding and critically evaluating our conditioning and core beliefs. These practices will allow us to embody higher frequencies that allow you to get closer in touch with ourselves and gain a deeper self-perspective. Naturally, our passion will be our general compass as our paths unfold. It will help us shift our perspective on life and grant us the courage to step into our greatness. Looking at our childhood and understanding what came naturally to us and what we enjoyed then, can give us the first clues as to what we are born to do. In this process it is equally important to evolve our intuition and fully open ourselves up to the opportunities that life serves up for us. These will come easier as our frequency rises towards love, compassion, acceptance, understanding, etc. 

Set an audacious life goal and then start evaluating every experience and opportunity in light of this goal. We ask ourselves, “will this serve our higher purpose?”, if the answer is no, then we go on to the next one. create an environment around you that supports your purpose and allows you to be in a flow state as much as possible. Find time to tend to your physical, mental, energetic and soul bodies. Be patient and trust your path and intuition. Challenge yourself with learning new things and never settle. 

“Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others.” – Roy T. Bennett “The Light In The Heart”

It is our individual responsibility to step into our greatness given the opportunity. As humanity, if we don’t connect with our purpose we won’t evolve and the only way for us to evolve as a collective is for each of us to become role models in our communities and networks. Dare to step into your greatness or golden shadow. Remember, if not you, then who?

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