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Question Everything

“I was never aware of any other option but to question everything.” – Noam Chomsky

When we make absolute statements about our notion of truth, we close the door to our autenthicity. The only way for us to evolve and self-actualise is to continously question our words, our thoughts and our actions. As you can read in my article “The Paradox of Truth Will Set You Free“, truth is not static, it is your perception of your experiences, based on your perception of your past experiences. As we move through life and, hopefully, become more aligned with our authenticity our perception of the truth, i.e. our beliefs, will change. This change happens through having the courage to question everything.

We arrive at our individual points in life where we begin questioning with our own individual set of programming and conditioning. However, it is then when we realise that the sets of beliefs and “rules” that we operate under didn’t derive from us, they came from external sources; religion, politics, family, friends, communities, etc. We start becoming aware of our own autenthicity and recognise that there is a stark incongruency there. Even though we are not fully aware of our autenthicity, it is the innate knowing what we are NOT, that leads us to know who we are. 

This “re-programming” takes time as often our conditioning sits deep within our subconscious, and perhaps even embedded in our core woundings. These aspects of ourselves aren’t going to relinquish their power just because we now are starting to ask questions and become more aware of ourselves. Questioning typically leads to a lot of upheaval and overwhelm to begin with as there are those internal struggles going on, but know that if you allow and trust, you will settle into it and your awarness will start to take command over your existence. 

There will be a lot of judgment surfacing, but as long as you take a compassionate view of your experiences and your process, you will solve this without delay. Two big traps, in my experience, are; skepticism and judging experiences good or bad. The questioning is there to open up our awareness to the multifaceted possibilities of our expereiences, not to become suspicious of everything. We can ask a question because we want to expand into understanding, or we can ask it because we want to prove ourself right, do you see the difference? We want to question our motivations so that we don’t end up in rightousness, but keep oursleves in openness, acceptance and allowance. If we judge our answers, that we come up with, as good or bad, we end up polarising our experience, rather than accepting the answer to be what it is for the time being. Anything else and we end up in the judment spiral and we are back “asleep”. When you open your heart and mind to allowing your beliefs to be challenged by yourself and others, without becoming triggered. If you do get triggered, that is a perfect time to reflect on the cause of it. You will have heard me say “don’t waste a good trigger” more than once, if you have heard me speak on a variety of topics. 

As you may have summised already, asking questions takes courage, patience and an open heart and mind. The main thing, though, is that you start questioning everything; that is when the rest of your life starts.

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