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Science of Consciousness – With Allyn Evans and Bob Holbrook

The definition of Consciousness has eluded science thus far. As you will discover in this conversation, when we go into a state of expanded consciousness the ability to measure the brain activities stop. However, this fact does tell us when a person goes into that state, i.e. the lack of measurements is the clue, we can tell where the gate is, but we cannot peer through it with technology, we can only experience it within ourselves. Subtle energy changes with the expansion of consciousness, and that we can measure, so there are ways we can start to connect the dots. Of course to satisfy the terms of what is empirical data and isn’t, we need to prove the means as to how we are connecting the dots and their validity.

This episode is a first look into the “Science of Consciousness” and I hope to bring you more interviews with other perspectives on this topic.

About the Monroe Institute (

The Monroe Institute is the world leader in human consciousness exploration. Founded in the early 1970s as an educational and research organization by Robert A. Monroe, our experiential programs are offered on our main campus in Faber, Virginia USA as well as 12 additional countries and online.

Using specially designed binaural beat audio-guided technology, originally developed by Bob Monroe, you will learn valuable tools to explore, navigate and use non-physical aspects of your own higher consciousness.

Join the tens of thousands of people who have attended our retreats and awaken your consciousness to discover a new more compassionate perspective about yourself and others—what and who you are and why you are here.

About Allyn Evans (Interim Executive Director and President,

Allyn, earned her BA in Psychology from the University of Mississippi and an MBA from Texas Tech University. She has been a beloved Monroe trainer for more than a decade and was instrumental in helping to launch Monroe’s virtual programming. She also played a key role in helping develop content for Monroe’s new meditation app, Expand. Allyn is currently also Monroe’s Chief Program Officer and trains Energy Medicine, not only at the Monroe Institute, but at locations around the world hosted by Monroe’s international trainers.

About Bob Holbrook (Technical Director,

Bob Holbrook has been a student of consciousness for most of his life. He is an anthropologist with experience in South America, Africa, the Middle East and the United States. Bob studied Anthropology and Psychology at Ball State University, Indiana University and the University of Chicago. He studied Archaeology with the University of Michigan. Bob is an active member of the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness, The Institute of Noetic Sciences and a certified provider with the Institute of Heartmath. He is presently working with individuals in the areas of addiction and post traumatic stress disorder.

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