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Spiritual Bypass – Follow-up

As we delve back in to the concept of Spiritual Bypass, we share some stories of our own experience with it. We can all agree that in order to do one’s own “work”, we need to develop a keen sense of self-awareness and being in constant observation of one’s own experiences. Eckart Tolle describes the process of learning to observe oneself beautifully in the his ground breaking book “The Power of Now”; a must read for anyone serious about evolving.

The more you observe yourself and start making conscious choices about the three things you can control; your words, your thoughts and your actions, the more you are going to start trusting your authentic self as it is now allowed to reveal itself. You go from living in your external experiences to observing your experiences from an internal awareness perspective. This process allows us to get connected with the world we live on/in and the living beings around us. This leads to less judgement and more compassion.

Being fully connected with your authenticity gives you a direct insight to the motivation for your words, thoughts and actions. And it is here that we start bringing our authentic selves or original essence in to full expression in our physical reality.

It is when we are unaware of the incongruency between our expression of self and our authentic selves that we experience spiritual bypass. The key to steering clear of spiritual bypass is to observe one’s experiences from one’s awareness and constantly question and discover our motivation for the things we think, say and do. Our motivation will be the clue to if we are expressing our authentic self or our conscious mind, i.e. ego. So, check your motivation and you will be fine.

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