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Blocks are your perceptions of your past experiences that prevent you from growth and evolvement

“Don’t let mental blocks control you. Set yourself free. Confront your fear and turn the mental blocks into building blocks.” – Dr. Roopleen, “Words To Inspire The Winner In You”

Blocks are whatever in your life is holding you back from flowing with your purpose. These blocks can reside in, and have counter parts, in any of your bodies; physical, mental, energetic, soul and astral bodies. However, for most of us they come to our conscious awareness in our physical and mental bodies, and for others in the energetic, and more rarely in the soul and astral bodies. The commonality among the blocks is that they all manifest in your reality construct, so you always have opportunities to identify and heal them, if you choose to open yourself up to it. For example, anger relating to an experience in your childhood can hold you back from flow because you are resisting letting go of it. That anger can show up in your physical as right hip problems, sciatica, or some other ailments in that area. This anger is going to hold a vibration in your energy body as well as an emotional imprint in your mental body. Most often we don’t recognise these blocks for what they are, so why would be treat them accordingly? We can identify blocks through how we feel and also by our patterns and habits.

Blocks are created as we perceive our experiences from any other perspective than growth and learning. When that perception is then repeated in following experiences, habits and patterns emerge, and eventually, personality. In psychology one talks about Original Sensitising Events (“OSE’s”), which are the experiences when the perception first takes root; typically in childhood. We often refer to this as the core wounds. Our perception is based on our belief about ourselves at the time of the OSE. 

As stated above, it is the repetition of our belief system and the perception that it is being validated in our experiences that perpetuates and establishes the block. A popular name for this process is “Karma”, which in Sanskrit means an action, work, or deed, and its effect or consequences. However, karma appears based on our own perceptions of our experiences, or action, work or deed. As long as we don’t learn from our experience but continue to suffer as victims from it, we hold on to the block, or the karma. The blocks are often entrenched by us viewing the future through the filter and lens of our past experiences. Many blocks linger in our subconscious and in our “blind spots”  making them very difficult to identify, even for someone who is mindful and self-aware. 

Many of our blocks are easy to identify, they are the habits and patterns we consciously do not want. Whether they are easy to release or not is up to each person individually, how hard do we want to hold on to a belief about ourselves and our reality construct. The first layers that you way want to look at is holding you back and what is occupying your mind, these are the first clues to your blocks. We are looking for reoccurring patterns in what shows up in our experiences and how we react to them with our thoughts, words and actions. Things that trigger you are doorways for you to see straight back to your OSE’s, if you set that intention. What are we resisting? These are merely examples of manifestations of our blocks, but it takes intention and courage to dive deep to identify and heal blocks. However, the pain is far worse letting them linger. The release of the flow that happens after you clear a block is reward enough to go on and clear the next one. 

Clearing your blocks, in essence, is about shifting your perspective of your experiences from victimhood to growth and empowerment. When we approach our experiences with the view to learn and grow, there is nothing stopping us, we flow through pain with greater ease because we allow it and aren’t blocking it. We can use a wide variety of tools and methodologies to clear our blocks, anything from traditional psychotherapy, to energy healing, soulprint clearings, meditation, or simply having a deep honest conversation with a friend. When we can reflect on our experiences with compassion, acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude, however painful they may have been, we heal from our suffering and thus clear our blocks. It is a gradual process that requires patience, trust and courage. Setting an intention to identify and clear our blocks is the first major step, they will then start revealing themselves to us as we take action.

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

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Blocks are your perceptions of your past experiences that prevent you from growth and evolvement
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The Alchemy Experience
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