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Collective Emotions

Collective Emotions

What are you taking from and feeding into the Collective Emotions

“I came to the conclusion that we should aspire to increase the scope and scale of human consciousness in order to better understand what questions to ask. Really, the only thing that makes sense is to strive for greater collective enlightenment” – Elon Musk

Collective emotions, is that even a possibility, you may ask. Well, have you ever walked into a room or a party and immediately had a sense of the prevailing energy? I bet you have, even if you aren’t consciously aware of it. In fact there are several long running research projects proving the idea of a collective consciousness, The Global Consciousness Project being the most prominent one out of Princeton University and supported by the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Essentially, we are all part of a energy field that is the Collective Consciousness, and they can show that by the deviations of random number generators across the globe when there are big events happening; new years celebrations, natural disasters, war, terrorism, etc. 

So, from this we can see that it is the changes in emotions that cause the fluctuations, and if they can affect these sensors, what does it do to the contributors to this collective consciousness? When we are unconscious of the effect of the collective emotions, especially if we are particularly sensitive to energy, we are just “brought along” for the ride, or as Vadim Zeland puts it in his book “Transurfing in 78 days”; we are stuck on the pendulum. We are essentially at the whim of the prevailing emotions of the collective consciousness.  These emotions and feelings may not be relevant to us, but because we do not hold our boundaries and exert control we take that energy on as our own. It is only when we get off the “pendulum” and choose our experiences that we empower ourselves to authentically feel what we feel. 

When we arrive at the point of self-awareness and reflection and see that we are responsible for the energy we allow to affect us as well as the energy we feed into the collective consciousness, we can now start to choose what we have as our input and output. Whatever we choose is our responsibility and we have to take the repercussions for that as well, but if we are aware of it we can change it if want to.  If our desire is to see humanity evolve, then choosing the higher frequencies of love, compassion, cooperation, acceptance, etc. will resonate with you. 

We might need to seek help through psychotherapy, courses, books, friends, etc. to build up our resources and tools to deal with our emotions and to distinguish what emotions belong to us and which don’t, and to release the ones that don’t belong to us. The key is to not walk this path alone. 

Stay safe and do what you can to make earth a peaceful and compassionate place to live, by showing up as the best version of yourself and a role model to others.  

Image by Anja from Pixabay

Collective Emotions
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Collective Emotions
Collective emotions affect us, but we also affect it. Being empowered to choose our input and output will help us evolve to a better world.
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The Alchemy Experience
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