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Become the optimal version of yourself to release your cords

“Forgiveness is required to dissolve all the negative energy cords because it releases shame, guilt, anger, hatred, etc.” – Hina Hashimi “Your Life: A Practical Guide to Happiness, Peace and Fulfilment”

I define a cord as, “An energetic linki that connects us to a person, place or an event”. It can be conscious or subconscious. If you are not connected with your own energy body, or simply don’t subscribe to the concept, you can see the cord as a representation of your attachments, or the attachments of others to you. The point is, cords drain you of power and energy, so bringing them to your awareness will help you release them and thus tighten up your boundaries. Some might perceive cords as very real and can perceive where and to whom they are attached and for what purpose. 

Mentally cords exist where we have close relationship or attachments where we or others cannot let go. Some examples might be:

  • Thoughts about people, places or experiences that keep you occupied and you cannot let go of.
  • Old relationship dramas that keep dragging you back in. 
  • Karma, where you see patterns of experiences that keep showing up in your life.

The esoteric traditions have a very different view on cords:

  • They are actual cord/strings that are attached to you and you feed them with energy.
  • Other dimensional energies/entities can “hack” into the cords to affect you and whatever you are connected with to amplify the purpose of the cord causing disputes, amplified triggers, etc.
  • Cords can attach without a person being aware of it, e.g. psychic attacks, spells, etc. 
  • They can attach anywhere and on any of your bodies (physical, mental, energy, soul or astral).
  • They exist outside time and space.

When we can expand into the idea of cords, whether it is metaphorically or esoterically speaking, we can identify aspects of ourselves that is “leaking” energy and heal them. The first step is really to practice mindfulness and to be aware of yourself in your experiences. What occupies your mind, and what experiences keep showing up in your life trying to teach you lessons? If we are stuck in our heads, unable to observe ourselves and our experiences, we cannot identify what is holding us back, because we are identifying ourselves as it, it is us. However, if you observe yourself from your awareness you realise that you are much more than your experiences and you can gain distance to it in order to control your thoughts, words and actions. 

There are a number of processes that we can employ to cut/dissolve/release, or any other terminology there is, our cords. For the esoterically minded there is psychic healing modalities, but be mindful that you need to remove the mental patterns and habits that have formed because of the cord otherwise it will reform. My chosen methodologies include to heal the aspect that the cord is attached to, i.e. trauma or core wounding, and then raise the frequency of my being by applying the four pillars; compassion, acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude. Once you successfully go through that process, it will be impossible for that cord to reappear. 

Happy cord hunting!

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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Cords are attachments between you and people, places and experiences that either you or they cannot let go of.
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The Alchemy Experience
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