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Intuition Podcast

To trust or not to trust, that is the question

“Intuition is really a sudden immersion of the soul into the universal current of life.” – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

To me Sonia Choquette is one of the more prominent teachers of intuition specifically. She divides intuition into three areas:

  • Red – survival and instinct
  • Green – creative opportunities and ideas
  • White – purpose and calling

Red intuition you will probably have heard of being referred to as your “gut feeling”. It is when you have a “bad” feeling in your abdominal area about a situation, something just doesn’t feel right. Often times, for those who actively communicate with their intuition, it is also where the answer “no” resides. You can try this out for yourself; say no in a very negative way over and over again and tap into where “no” resonates in your body, if not in the abdomen. 

When you have a idea or impulse of creativity, you may feel this warmth and buzzing feeling in your heart space; this is very likely what Sonia calls “green” intuition. In difference to your red intuition warning you “no”, this green one is all about possibilities, opportunities and shouting “yes” from the roof tops. Try the same exercise as above, but now say “yes” to yourself with as much positivity as yo can and feel where it resonates in your body, I would venture to say it resonates in your chest, or, if you like, your heart space. 

White intuition is a little different in that it is more of a communication from another, higher, dimensional aspect of yourself; your higher self. For these purposes, your white intuition guides you in your big relationships, life decisions, purpose, and other life path/journey related decisions. One of the originators of modern Psychiatry, Carl Jung, had a name for his; Philemon. In his “The Red Book” he describes his pursuit and engagement with Philemon. Sonia also recommends building a relationship with your white intuition/higher self, starting by asking him/her/it for a name. From there your begin the conversation. 

Building up a working relationship with your intuition requires preparation, in terms of a continuous practice, and patience. You build up a knowledge of how your intuition communicates with you, and the language being used.  The language and means of communications are aspects that are unique to you based on your experiences and your frequency. Intuition rarely comes through as instructions in your local language, it communicates in symbolism based on your frame of, mainly, subconscious reference. Spend time talking about, and sharing, your intuition with others. Bring it into your reality through your physical expression. Your friends and family will probably think you are bonkers when you suddenly start talking about intuition, but it is worth it. A note of caution, don’t discount other people’s intuitive experiences in favour of your own. You trust yours and let others trust theirs without judgement or criticism. 

Another important step in your preparations is to know your “baseline”. Anyone who has been part of my Psychometry classes will be very familiar with this. This practice is about training yourself to observe your experiences from your awareness without judgement or criticism. Your experiences in this case refers to sensations, emotions, thoughts, smells, tastes, visual and auditory impressions, etc. If you are aware of your baseline in every moment you know when there are changes in your experiences and you can then with your awareness and observation ascertain the purpose and objective of this new “energy”, if it is your intuition, you will then be fully aware of it and take appropriate action. Learning how to observe your experiences from your awareness is best done through mindfulness meditation. 

Two other key concepts are discernment and trust. When you first start out, you are likely to misinterpret much of the information and perhaps even picking up information that isn’t for your highest good. Being able to discern what is your mind, your intuition or something else, is critical to acting on good vs. bad advice. Discernment is a feeling or innate knowing and you have to learn to just trust it. As many other aspects in life that are paradoxical, the more you trust it the stronger your intuition gets. However, for most of us, we want proof before we trust, but here you won’t get any proof until you are able to trust. Trusting your intuition is to get off the plane with your family if your gut tells you to, despite possibly losing face, time and money. Can you do it?

As you build up your practice you can start playing games with your intuition to enhance you sense of wonder, curiosity, gratitude and sense of magic. The frequency increasing feelings will be like rocket fuel for your intuition. You can also, through play, start bringing validations into your physical experiences that will firmly establish your trust beyond any reasonable doubt and thus make the connection stronger. 

Now, go out there and practice and show up in your world with new enthusiasm and wonder. Good luck!

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Intuition Podcast
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Intuition Podcast
Trusting your intuition will enrich and, if needed, save your life. There are many aspects of it to learn, start your practice now.
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