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People’s Energy – What Lies Beneath The Surface


You need to look deeper into your business to find your answers

Most of us have thought to ourselves when walking into a room, “Hmm, the energy in here is very heavy.” or “Wow, the energy in this room is awesome!”, or something along those lines. Few of us really pay attention to it though. Why is it that we have that reaction and is there any validity to your feelings? If there is validity to them, why don’t we explore them further? You also use the same technique when you are talking to people, you constantly feel their energy determining if it the interaction is good, bad, respectful, truthful, etc. 

So, take a little while now and think of situations where you may have picked up on something through non-verbal communications, i.e. purely by sensing the energy. How did it feel and how did you react to it? Unfortunately, many will not have used the information to their advantage when they had it. 

We are all in agreement, even science, that invisible energy fields around our bodies carrying information about us are very real indeed. Put this knowledge into your office environment and consider the many different energies that make up the collective energy pool of your office. The “temperature” of that pool will be the measurement of how good the group dynamic is. This temperature will change over time depending on what energy each contributor (employee, manager, etc) brings with them. 

It is very important to understand and monitor these fluctuations and where negative energy might be coming from so that you may respond to it and ensure that your office has the best energy possible. If you as a manager or business owner don’t have the abilities to read energy you need to set up a system that will give you tools to continuously balance the energy in your office. You will need an initial reset, but beyond that a shift in focus will help you maintain that balance. 

If you cannot sense what is beneath the surface you need to use verbal communications. You need to foster open communications in your office to allow any reasons that would shift the balance away from an equilibrium to be aired before it takes hold. We need to start focusing on the EQ (Emotional Quotient) values of the company and improve them where they may be lacking. The general vibration (vibe) of the office has to be redirected using interior design, the way colleagues communicate, the interaction between the levels of hierarchy, competence building programmes, health and wellness programmes, etc. I will go in to more details about what can tools that can be deployed in a later article, just know that you need to take action.

Taking it a step further you will need to consider that the right people might be in the wrong positions and that for some colleagues it is time to move on. Our mindset tends to be that we stick to what we know and what is comfortable. Everything unknown is considered bad and dangerous. Sometimes, even though it might not appear such at the time, letting go of something to create space for something new is the best way. At the end of the day you need everybody on your staff to be in the right job doing what they love, if they aren’t and don’t you will be doing both them and yourself a disservice. 

A third aspect that I want to address in this article is “frustration”. Frustration among employees can sink the collective mood very quickly. This could be frustrations with company policies, systems, group dynamics, attitudes, hierarchical interactions, etc. Once frustrations start building the archetypes will we set in motion, the vocal ones will moan and complain, the silent ones will bottle their frustrations creating anger and the manipulators will stir the pot to their advantage. I know it is easy to forget to review these things as our businesses evolve, but it is necessary to maintain the energetic health of the company.

Constant vigilance is required to ensure that energy is flowing through every aspect of your business with ease at all times. Building up habits to deal with these aspects can take time, but will become second nature and will return to you in spades.  

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

People's Energy - What Lies Beneath The Surface
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People's Energy - What Lies Beneath The Surface
We all understand energy, the invisible field around us, aka our aura, that gives others information about us. How can we apply this in business?
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The Alchemy Experience
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