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You Have To Be What You Want To Become

What you want

Let Your Passion Define Who You Are Today, Not What You Could Be Tomorrow

One of the first questions I ask my clients when I sit down with them for the first time is, “Who and what are you?”. I then proceed to challenge them with “Ok, so you are …., is this your ultimate goal?”. Very rarely the person they see themselves as and the person they want to be are the same. So what happens when you put your happiness in the future? Yes, absolutely correct, it stays in the future. This is true for everything. 

If you want to be a writer, don’t say “one day I will be a writer”, instead say “I am a writer” and take action accordingly. Just because you may not know how to write doesn’t mean you don’t have the voice needed to be a writer. So you take some classes and gain your confidence, but you are no less a writer at the start of the process as opposed to the “end” of it, you are just improving. If you have an urge to heal and help people, say, “I’m a doctor” and go out there and acquire the knowledge to become the best healer you could imagine. It is not the certificate that determines what you are, it is your passion and drive to do your best within your field that does. 

It is the passion you feel today of being what you aspire to become that will drive you towards the embodiment of your destiny. If you cannot feel it today, then what hope do you have of knowing what it is you should become tomorrow? 

 If you’ve studied the “Law of Attraction” this concept is not new to you. However, it takes a belief system to get your head around the LoA, so what I am suggesting here is more common sense. When I work with corporate groups I tend to have to take a more pragmatic approach at first to establish a connection, which is why I can’t kick off with “the universe will deliver your dreams as long as you really want it”, I would lose most people doing that. The point is, you do not have to have a belief system to aspire achieve all that you want, you just have to want it, nor do you have to have a belief system to actually reach your goals, you just have to understand how to do it. 

When we get stuck in a rut and are out of alignment with our dreams and desires, we start installing negative self-talk into our subconscious. Many of us stay in this rut for a long time; whether it be relationships, jobs, locations or any other commitment that ceased to serve you. We start telling ourselves stories about how this all that we can achieve, deserve or want. We settle because in order to go for your dream now involves big changes, and we know that change is scary! It is this fear that gives that negative self-talk resonance.  The state of mind that allows all these negative thoughts to flourish will create crappy situations for you to deal with. Remember, you become what you are, whether that is negative or positive. Some times this is the path you need to take in order to end up at the cataclysmic change in your life thrust upon you that forces you to face your ultimate fears and make the changes that you didn’t have the courage to initiate yourself. This is not a path I recommend, trust me I’ve been there and done that. Even though  I am eternally grateful for my journey, I am sure you can get to where I am today without the pain and torment I had to endure, but sometimes you have to endure hell to appreciate heaven.  The good news for you is that you already have all the tools necessary to turn this ship around; desire, passion, persistence, faith and love. 

You have:

  • the desire to make changes
  • the persistence to not quit before the miracle
  • the passion for what you want to welcome into your life that you cannot imagine yourself feeling any other way
  • the faith in yourself that you can make changes and the faith that you deserve every little bit of good that you embody and that comes into your life
  • the love for yourself and others to change your mindset from a negative one to a positive one

If you disagree with anyone of these points I would ask you consider the following; ponder a challenge you are up against at the moment. Do you think that whether you are positive or negative is going to change the outcome of the challenge? It might, but in most cases it doesn’t (change and manifestation usually take a little time). However, you can choose to be miserable or content while waiting for the outcome to come about. If the outcome is less favourable to you, will that time you’ve spent from now until the outcome have an effect on how you deal with the “let down”? Absolutely! If you have built up a positive attitude you will be far more resilient to deal with it and not attach to the negativity of the outcome. The purpose of this elaboration is to show you it is all a matter of attitude. Your resistance to recognising the tools in the list above within yourself is a matter of attitude, it is all in your head or, if you like, in your ego. 

As Dr. Joe Dispenza suggests, “what fires together wires together”, i.e. you need to rewire your brain from firing on negative thoughts to positive ones. You need to start working on building up rekindling some of the love and passion that you have within. Basically, I am suggesting you need to lay the foundation to build the “you” that you want to become. You can do this through a combination of various ways:

  • Positive affirmations
  • Gratitude journaling 
  • Meditation
  • Mantras
  • Prayer 
  • Positive visualisations
  • Charity work

These are examples of tools that have helped me along my path. What you are, in essence, doing is raising your vibrations from negative wavelengths to positive ones based on gratitude, love and compassion. 

The next step is to start being what you want to become. You are not looking for a specific outcome, just the feeling you would have if that outcome came true. What I mean by this is that you should not attach yourself to the specific outcome as you will just complicate things with placing expectations on others and setting yourself up for disappointment if/when your specific outcome doesn’t materialise. No, what we are looking for is the feeling and emotion you want to embody in your desired outcome. The point here is that you do not have to wait for that scenario to come, you have to power to bring that feeling into the now. Being surprised by the scenario showing up matching your state of being is part of the fun. Some tools to use for this exercise are:

  • Vision board
  • Journaling about your future as it’s the present
  • Mike Dooley’s “The Matrix” (based on his book “Playing the Matrix“) 
  • Meditation
  • Visualisation

Again, these are just samples of tools you can use. There are many more tools to discover from a plethora of authors and coaches on the market today.

Once you embody these changes, emotions and feelings you will be driving your destiny on a path of happiness. The secret is really that the end is not of any consequence at all, it is enjoying the journey that matters. As you view the world through new eyes you will either discover that you are passionate about where you are currently at in your job, relationships, location, etc. and that you just had remind yourself of it. You will now add elements to your life that will help sustain your happiness; that could be a hobby, courses, or something else that will augment your life. On the other hand you may discover that one or several aspects in your life are not what they appear and that they do not match what you are. Because of you raising your vibration and having experienced your future, you no longer have the level of fear, or same type of fear, relating to taking action for your happiness. Whereas before, when you were clogged by negativity and fear, you now cannot fathom remaining in a situation that does not match who you are. You are now taking action to change your circumstances to prepare space for that what you want to become to arrive. 

In my work with groups in corporations it is amazing to witness how groups evolve by helping the members shift their attitudes. As each member of a group starts shifting their focus and attitude they also start understanding their individual responsibility to what energy they bring to any group. When you realise your accountability for your own happiness and that no external factor has any power over you, the change will become easier and you will see the ripple effect to those around you. You have to be what you want to become to contribute your best to the collective and to create a better world. We all do.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

You Have To Be What You Want To Become
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You Have To Be What You Want To Become
You have to be what you want to become, otherwise your desires will always lay in your future, out of your grasp. Bring the feeling and emotion you want to achieve into the present and you're half way there.
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The Alchemy Experience
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