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You Are the Way You Manage


Pay Attention to What You Have Inside, It is What You Create On the Outside

As entrepreneurs, managers, supervisors, business leaders, well, anyone in a position of “power” really,  you carry tremendous responsibilities for your “subordinates”. That responsibility starts with yourself. 

In my previous writings I have discussed many influences that direct the collective energy in a cohesive group, as shown by the graph below.

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The person who has been granted permission (by the subordinates) to manage a group brings energy that carries an amplified impact on this collective energy. The primary reason for this is that the persons who are being managed look to the leader for guidance, so the energy that is being transmitted is being received as their own. It is important for the manager to realise that they do not lead with mandate from their manager, they lead because the people they lead allow it. If they didn’t allow it there would be nobody to lead as the subordinates would leave. Because of this relationship where the individuals being managed, hand over their own power to the safe keeping of the manager, a close energetic bond is created, which opens up for the amplified influence. 

I think you may easily see a correlation to the “teacher/student” relationship. Think back to your own relationships, what were the qualities of the teachers you liked and the ones that you didn’t? You may even recall that these teachers had days they were better or worse. Recall the impact they had on your education and ability to learn the particular subject. Now if you have a boss who is enthusiastic, passionate, involved and caring, do you not take on those traits in how you approach your job? Surely you do, bar some cases that are, the topic for another article. Then logic states, correctly so, that you will experience the same mimicking behaviour with a boss who is sulking, demanding, harsh, demeaning, etc. Based on this reasoning I am sure you can see the very real power a manager has over his/her subordinates. If you are in such a position of power you have a responsibility to treat that bond with sacred reverence.

You do also have to keep in mind that the “energy transfer” doesn’t stop there, it is then perpetuated to all that the subordinates come in contact with, not in the least your very valuable clients! 

Working to improve a group always starts at an individual level, but, as always, the leader has the greater responsibility to move through his or her challenges and to do it sooner than the group. If the group moves through their challenges, but the leader lags behind then the group will most likely dissolve due to that the chasm will now have widened. The leader will still be vibrating at a lower level, while the group has collectively raised their energy, widening the gap. 

You have to pay attention to how you treat yourself as this is how you treat people that you come in to contact with. What emotions are you embodying and employ when looking at yourself? Are you grateful for every aspect of your life, are showing yourself kindness and love? If you have low self-esteem, constantly entertain negative self-talk, harbour anger, spite and bitterness, it will all convey in your relationships and they will eventually break down. Similarly, your subordinates will mirror these qualities and you will treat them with the same contempt you treat yourself. Not a pretty picture is it? 

For most, dealing with the treatment of ourselves is a big hurdle because we don’t really know ourselves and it appears to be an insurmountable task. We also tell ourselves these stories why we are the way we are; genetics, our histories, punishment, etc. Know that any and all of these stories are falsehoods and illusions. You are worthy of all of the love, kindness, gratitude and forgiveness you can shower yourself with. A client recently stated to me that “If I don’t feel ashamed that means I approve of my actions and I could not stand for that!” Recognise it? I sure do, it is a story I used to tell myself until I realised that no one punished me for not punishing myself. If anything you will find people giving your positive comments one how your energy’s changed when you treat yourself better. If you carry shame, you have to just own up to what you’ve done, once and for all, and then leave that emotion in the past. You have to move through what ever negativity you have from the past and exercise forgiveness and gratitude for each occurrence. It takes practice and your fastidious attention, but it is what you need to do, you deserve it!

Photo by Vana Ash on Unsplash

You Are the Way You Manage
Article Name
You Are the Way You Manage
The way you manage your subordinates is in direct correspondence to how you view and treat yourself. You need to treat yourself well to be a good manager.
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The Alchemy Experience
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