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Being in control is an illusion

This Post is based on a discussion in The Alchemy Experience Podcast:  
“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t” (Steve Maraboli, “Life, the Truth of Being Free”)
We meander through life with an idea that we can control the outcomes of our experiences. Sometimes, things work out more or less the way we intended, but most of the time they don’t or we have an adverse side effect because of our need to control the outcome. One day you wake up and you realise that having control over anything outside of yourself is a fallacy, an illusion, created by society. As a matter of fact you realise you only control three things:
  • Your thoughts
  • Your words
  • Your actions
At first it comes as a shock to your system, right? “I have no control over what happens to me?”. Well that is not entirely true, but trying to control your external environment is not how you do it. After a while you come to understand that you were just frigging liberated, you were set free from expectations that were unrealistic to begin with; the expectations that you have to be in full control of everything around you. Your perception of your present and future experiences are viewed through a filter of you past experiences. You programming have left you to believe what you believe about control. Meanwhile, you don’t control what you actually control; your thoughts, your words and your actions. You’ve been a passenger up until this point, but now with your new realisation you are becoming the observer and the co-pilot. You reframe your past experiences with by thinking differently about them, causing you to act and speak differently in the present and future experiences. You are now the co-pilot and co-creator of your experiences, because your reality is your perception and you control that. You are the co-creator because there is always the universe that has its say as well, because you are not a singular entity in this world, you are part of a collective energy. So, whatever you are and express into the world comes back to you, it’s a feedback loop; think, speak and act with compassion, gratitude and forgiveness, that is what you get back. With that in mind, would you not mind your own energy and feed your absolute best Buddha nature into the world? Time to apply the “Is it true, helpful and kind” filter to the words coming out of your mouth. You know what you can control and you are feeding your best version into the collective consciousness, you are now in flow as you become aligned with your higher purpose. You are getting in touch with your authentic self. You act in unison with your intuition. You can’t control your emotions, but you are ok with that, because you know your emotions are experiences and communications from your body. They may hurt, but you know trying to control them will hurt even worse, so you permit the emotions to rise within you and you walk right on through them receiving their messages loud and clear. You are living consciously present where money and material thing become tools for you to pursue your higher purpose, you true measure of success is how you feel. All of this coming out of knowing what you can and what you can’t control. Enjoy your newfound control. Sign up to receive Podcast related news:
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  1. Barbie Layton

    This was so relevant and true. Choose your vibration, frequency, and energy! It is the superpower you refer to! Choice!

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